F - 86L
F - 86D

The F-86L is an improved version of the F-86 D also known as the Saber Dog. Our F-86L is painted in the Perin Airforce Base paint scheme where it actually served in the late 50's and early 60's.
The first swept-wing airplane in the U.S. fighter inventory, the F-86 scored consistent victories over Russian-built MiG fighters during the Korean War, accounting for a final ratio of 10-to-1. All 39 United Nations jet aces won their laurels in Sabres.

The F-86L was the designation given to late-1950s conversions of existing USAF F-86Ds to use the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) datalink system.
 The aircraft is currently undergoing restoration with a schedule first flight sometime late 2006.
Rate of Climb: 12,200 per minute
Service Ceiling: 49,600 feet
Top Speed: 616 mph
Engine: General Electric J47-GE-33
Max. Thrust: 7650 lbs.
Max. weight: 18,484 lbs.